St. John's Cemetery Individual Record

[No Photo]Philip A.,  Capt. Caro

Philip A., Capt. Caro
( , 1810 -- November 18, 1875)

Section: 9
Space: 9
Lot: 28
Spouse: Mary Ann Weaver
Occupation: Maritime
Owner: Caro

Philip A. Caro was born ca 1810. He was a known ship Captain in Escambia County. In Escambia County on May 15, 1839 at Christ Church, Philip Caro married Mary Ann Weaver. Philip and Mary Caro are listed in the 1860, 1870 census. They were the parents of eleven known children born in Florida: George W. (b.ca1840), Mary Eliza (b.ca1841; married John B. Gormly), James W. (b.ca1844), Philip Taylor (b.ca1848-1877; married Malvina Golay), John Hurley, (b.ca1850), Joseph F. (1853- 1881), Florida A. (1855-1926), Thomas Sullivan (b.ca1856), Georgiana (b.ca1858), Benito Gormey (b.ca1862), and Wm H. Caro (b.ca1863). Captain Philip A. Caro died November 18, 1875, at age 65 years and 6 months. He is listed on the Caro monument with his wife and their daughter Florida Caro, in the Caro family plot.