St. John's Cemetery Individual Record

Dorothy BurrowDorothy Burrow

Dorothy Burrow
(July 21, 1902 -- July 23, 1980)

Section: 45
Space: 6
Lot: 21
Maiden Name: Burrow
Parents: John M & Nellie Burrow
Place of Birth: Pensacola, FL
Occupation: Education
Comments: PHS Latin teacher
Owner: Burrow

Dorothy Burrow was born July 21, 1902 in Pensacola, the daughter of John M. and Nelle (Barrington) Burrow. She was a 1923 graduate of Florida State College for Women, and started teaching in Pensacola in 1928.  Miss Burrow worked for the Escambia County school system for 37 years, retiring in 1965 as a Latin teacher at Pensacola High School.  Dorothy Burrow died July 23, 1980, buried next to her parents.