St. John's Cemetery Individual Record

[No Photo]Marguerite W. Ogburn

Marguerite W. Ogburn
(August 7, 1917 -- May 29, 1989)

Section: 3
Space: 6
Lot: 23
Maiden Name: Weller
Spouse: Divorced
Place of Birth: St. Andrews, FL
Occupation: Government
Current Owner: Weller, A. D.
Area: 0

She was a resident of 5911 Walton St. in Pensacola.  She had lived in Pensacola for 21 years, having retired from the Naval Air Station.  She was survived by two daughters, Ann Owczarczak of Cincinnati, OH and Elizabeth Lashley of Montgomery, AL, two sons, William F. Ogburn of Hugar, SC and Alford D. Ogburn of Mobile, AL, a sister, Evalyn Weller of Pensacola, and brother, T.C. Weller of Panama City, FL.  Cedar Hill Funeral Home officiated.