St. John's Cemetery Individual Record

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Merle B. Wilson
(May 12, 1910 -- March 9, 1981)

Section: 63
Space: 1
Lot: 6
Maiden Name: Coker
Spouse: David A. Wilson
Place of Birth: Century, FL
Occupation: Medical


Merle B. Wilson died March 9, 1981 in Florida.  From News Tuesday March 10, 1981: “Merle B. Wilson died Monday…native of Century…raised by Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Crawford…served as a public health nurse…survivors: husband David A. Wilson; son Wm Robert Wilson; daughter Dorothy Ann Hastey of GA; half brother Homer G. Boyett of Jacksonville; two sisters, Thelma B. Johns of Pensacola and Ruth B. Franca of Mobile…Fisher-Pou directing.”  She is buried next to her husband David A. Wilson in the W.H. Crawford plot.