St John's Past Events

Friends of St. John's Historic Cemetery Celebrate the Christening
of a New Well and Irrigation System at Well Attended Ceremony

June 18, 2002

Friends of St. John's Historic Cemetery celebrated the christening of a new well and irrigation system at a ceremony at St. Johnís Historic Cemetery on Tuesday, June 18. Several dozen Friends and supporters attended. New pipes throughout the 26 acres replaced the old pipes, some of which were 50 to 100 years old.

Monsignor Bowles gave the invocation and, later, a blessing to this important event in the history of the cemetery. Ted Nickinson described the details of the new system and recognized Jim Smith, supervisor, Guy Yaste, architect, Terry Nelson Irrigation Company, and the many others who contributed to the success of the project. Jack Fleming commented on the symbolic significance of a well and of water, underscoring the theme of the occasion: nurturing and preserving the historic site for future generations.

There are over 10,000 monuments in St. John's Historic Cemetery. Also, there are many thousand living descendents of those interred in St. John's in Pensacola and around the world. For the many families who tend the gravesites and grounds of the cemetery this was a very welcome accomplishment since water is so essential for the care and nurture of the cemetery. These and other improvements have been made possible by generous donations of countless individuals and by dues from the membership of the Friends of St. John's Historic Cemetery.